Mangia Fuoco
Innovative Fire Extinguisher
Made in Italy
  • Fireproof technology used in Aerospace
  • For all types of FIRE A B C
  • Most Practical everywhere everytime
  • Powerful Potassium [aerosol] jet
  • No Toxic. Ecological safe.
  • No Residue or Dirt traces
  • No Maintenance
  • No expiry [5 years warranty]
  • Ideal for Woman, Elderly, Child and All
  • Great for Home, Car, Travel, Electrical, High-rise buildings,
    Office, Hotel, Hospital, School, Library, Laboratory,
    Server room, Shopping mall, Restaurant, Theatre,
    Factory, Vehicle, Airport, Underground Train,
    Cruise ship, Mine, Tunnel.
  • Size 450 g. : L 33 cm. x W 3.5 cm.
    Discharge time : 104 seconds.
  • Size 250 g. : L 26.5 cm x W 2.5 cm.
    Discharge time : 53 seconds.

Instruction: Match the tip with cap provided at handle