SAFETY is URGENT Matter in Everyday’s Living.
News on deaths from fire accidents are seen everywhere and keep increasing. No matter whether they are caused by accident, electricity short circuit, arsonry, human error, terrorism, war, riot etc., the fact is 95% of those death caused by smoke suffocation before help arrives. Most places only prepare to extinguish fire, but still very few realize about preparing fire escape equipment to rescue people from that more dangerous factor.

As we always aware of that dilemma, therefore, we innovated “ URGENT FIRE-PAK “ , the fire escape equipment, nine years ago and are the only people who seriously develop this equipment for general public use. With the conscience telling us that “ Life is the most valuable thing, and cannot be substituted by anything else “ , if there would be something to help rescue them with extra air in that few crucial moment, we will be able to save many lives in fire accidents.

The inspiration started at the time of 9-11 disaster when news broadcast about a lady who was trapped under the collapsed building. She was calling her mom on the cell phone but didn’t finish the conversation. She faded out to death because lacking of breatheable air. If there were some kind of equipment to help her breathe for only 2-3 more minutes, she might have had survived.

We and our specialists had done a research for equipments that were available in the world market. There are only two kinds: filter only type and other with air supply. We found nothing impressive. Most of them either so heavy (3-5 kg) and too bulky for normal people to comfortably use. Most with high price and not suitable for lady, elderly and child. The filter-only type would not help person from suffocation in the case of no breatheable air if fire takes away all oxygen for burning. With joint-effort with an ID (industrial design) expert, it still took us a long 2 years and sizable investments before our first product came out for commercial in 2005.

Nevertheless, after gone thru many years learning curve on product development and market know-how, we decided to give it another round of improvement, this time with MTEC (National Metal and Materials Technology Center) and partial support funding by ITAP (Industrial Technology Assistant Program), of Thailand’s Ministry of Science and Technology, where mostly based on our ideas on new requirements and designs.

We designed it mostly following universal EN standards but adding our own version of innovation to differentiate the product : to be more practical from its light weight, easy to use, fast doning, modern designs and portable but yet at economy price with various models.

Our policy is to source local contents as priority to help boost Thai economy thru cluster system but our suppliers must have high standards. We use only certified matetials and manufacturing process to ensure the safetiness of our products. We are proud to be one of role models of Thai innovation who aims to reach out to the international level.

Today, we have developed the 3rd Version for more practical and easier use. Not only we are the first fire escape equipment that implements interconnected air tank system, we now apply an existing local know-how/product to become a new innovation by itself as well as adding a new model to our product line which is “ Sa-Pak “ or mulberry paper with flame retardant treated and non flammable which stands up to 570 C. / 1058 F.

This time we received another cooperative grant : innovation coupon for SME, from NIA (National Innovation Agency). With joint R&D with Dr.Manoch Naksata who invented fire retardant solution on hand made SA paper, our accomplishment is the world’s first and only one industrial process of making such flame retardant mulberry paper.

We are part of a newly formed trade association: SAFETY INNOVATION THAILAND (SIT), which has received promotion support by Thai government offices responsible for safety, trade, technology, health, labour, public administration, export etc. Promotion activities are organized to help build public awareness on SAFETY as well as to help SMEs with Innovation and Creative Economy like us to be able to ride with the emerging safety market which is considered as blue ocean business opportunity. We plan to help boost the economy by minimize the damages, substitute for imports and pursue export to ASEAN+6 as well as worldwide market.

Moreover, we would devote to contribute our effort to help raise SAFETY level as a new brand for Thailand through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilty) activities and networking to help educate about SAFETY, PREPAREDNESS and TRAINING initiatives as we name it CSR-SAFETY: Create Safety Culture for Thailand’s Brighter Future.

Nirin Design Company Limited

Note: Be welcome to join our safety network at FACEBOOK: urgentfirepak, safetyinnovationthailand and asa.sos.th@gmail.com